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Green Line

Natural 100% products that go beyond technology and benefits for animal performance via nutrition. A line that summarizes Aleris' attention to sustainability, as it offers the market natural solutions coming from co-products from different available crops, with quality and safety.

Goldsac offers the benefits of yeast with its nutritional fermentation medium and corn derivatives

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Integrow is a yeast resulting from the controlled thermal stress process of cells

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integrow whole yeast animal nutrition aleris nutrition

Luminos is a natural aflatoxin binder composed of specific aluminosilicates from volcanic rocks.

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Luminos Aleris Green Line

Luminos Fuze is the new generation of binders for polar and non-polar mycotoxins.

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Luminos Fuze Aleris Nutrition

Maximos is a natural product composed of yeast cell walls (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) specially developed to meet the quality and guarantee standards for MOS and β-Glucans.

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Maximos Premium promotes the agglutination of pathogens, modulation of the intestinal microbiota and improved performance.

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Maximos Premium Aleris Nutrition

Nutrisac is an inactive yeast from the sugar and alcohol industry, with a good profile of amino acids and B vitamins.

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Nutrisac Aleris Nutrition

Optimax is a synbiotic that improves the digestion of fiber in the ruminant diet.

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Optimax Aleris Nutrition

Optimus is a high-tech symbiotic that brings together the complementary action of different products.

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Optimus Aleris Nutrition

Sinergis is a lysed yeast with high bioavailability of the cytoplasm and cell wall elements, being a source of high quality and palatable protein.

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