Cultron Pro is a lysed yeast for ruminants reported as protein source with high bioavailability of cellular metabolites, MOS and β-Glucans. The selection of yeast with greater wall thickness enables a higher rumen bypass (helping pathogens control in the gut) and its components stimulate the ruminal fermentative process. Cultron Pro can also be an important ingredient for milk-replacer formulation, assisting calves’ growth and gut integrity during this initial phase. Cultron Pro is the balanced protein ingredient in the ruminant formulation.

Main features:
  • Metabolites of high biological value
  • Presence of mannan oligosaccharides β-glucans
  • Stimulates ruminal fermentation
  • Contributes to intestinal integrity
  • Helps pathogen control  (Salmonella sp. and E. coli)


Application: Ruminants

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