Optimus is a high technology symbiotic that joint the complementary action of different products: probiotics (Bacillus subtilis and Enterococcus faecium), prebiotics (MOS and ß-glucans), lyzed yeast and enzymes. The interaction of these additives impacts performance and animal health positively through the intestinal microbiota balance, pathogen control and nutrition of intestinal cells. In addition, Optimus’ components help ingredients digestibility, mycotoxins control, food passage rate regulation and fecal score. Optimus is a natural alternative to improve animal performance.

Main features:
  • Beneficial effect on intestinal microbiota
  • Improves feed digestibility
  • Contributes to intestinal integrity
  • Stimulates animal performance
  • Collaborates in reducing mortality
  • Helps pathogen control


Application: Poultry and swine

Not available in Europe

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important international certification of the market.