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Interviews with industry experts

Demystifying the yeasts

ep. 1: November/2023

Interview with Daniel Nazarian (CEO Aleris) It is Dr. Adriana Figueiredo (Aleris Technical Manager)

Artificial Intelligence in Pet Nutrition

ep. 2: November/2023

Interview with Dr. Mariana Nascimento (Technical Coordinator Aleris) energetic Dr. Adriana Nascimento (Aleris Technical Manager)

How Nutrition Does it influence pet health?

ep. 3: November/2023

Interview with Prof. Ananda Portella Felix. Zootechnician, Master and PhD in Animal Nutrition and Post-doctorate in pet nutrition

Cats and its particularities

ep. 4: November/2023

Interview with Prof. Ricardo Vasconcellos. Veterinarian, Master in Veterinary Medicine, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine. Companion Animal Specialist