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Microbiota Modulation

microbiota modulator for pets dogs aleris animal nutrition

Balanced combination of yeasts with specific actions for dogs and cats.

Provillus 4Pet is the balanced combination of yeast extracts and fractions derived from different fermentative processes with specific actions in companion animals to integrate a natural healthy and nutritious food.

Nutrition with specific action in modulating the microbiota for animal well-being.

Intestinal Integrity

yeast cell wall animal nutrition aleris yeasts

Natural product composed of cell wall yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Maximos is a natural product specially developed to meet quality standards and guarantee MOS energetic β-glucans. Besides the probiotic action, the compounds act effectively in the agglutination of Salmonella sp.and E. coli.

Maximos is the right choice in pathogen control.

Source of Protein

Lysed yeast (100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with high bioavailability of the cytoplasm and cell wall elements.

Synergis is a lysed yeast from production units that meet demanding quality control. It brings together several characteristics present in Aleris products, favoring the development of companion animals at all stages of life.

Sinergis is an excellent source of protein with high nutritional value.

Intestinal structuring

Nucleobase 1.5 free nucleotides Aleris

Yeast-derived nutrient source with high content of free nucleotides.

Nucleobase 1.5 is a standardized source of yeast-derived free nucleotides, providing essential support for the body’s recovery in situations of stress or illness, aiding in cell regeneration.

Safe source of nucleotides to support the body's demands, favoring the growth and development of tissues in the animal.

100% Natural Products.
Technology and Sustainability in high quality nutritional solutions with complete safety for company animals.

Nutrisac presents itself as a profitable protein alternative with high palatability.
nutrisac whole yeast animal nutrition aleris nutrition

Nutrisac is an inactive yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) rich in nutrients with Aleris quality standard.

Nutrient-rich protein and energy source.
yeast different fermentations animal nutrition performance aleris goldsac

Combination of yeast benefits (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with its nutritional fermentation medium and cereal derivatives.

It acts synergistically on the animal, favoring the agglutination of pathogens, modulating the intestinal microbiota and improving performance.
maximum premium nutrition aleris yeast

Combines yeast cell walls (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) derived from different fermentations.

Luminos is a natural aflatoxin adsorbent that supports animal health.
luminos aleris aluminoluminos composed of aluminosilicates mycotoxin binder

Luminos is a adsorbent additive composed of aluminosilicates specific originating from volcanic rocks.

Combination of ingredients and additives for animal feed.
luminos fuze aleris composed of aluminosilicates

Composed by aluminosilicate, inactive yeast, yeast cell wall energetic betaine for animal feed.