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high performance and

ruminant yeast culture aleris animal nutrition

Yeast culture with a wide range of yeast metabolites Saccharomices cerevisae.

The metabolites present in the product are ruminal microbiota growth factors, mainly from fibrolytic bacteria and lactic acid-consuming bacteria, resulting in greater weight gain and better carcass yield in beef cattle, greater production of milk and milk solids.

Metabolites produced through a long and controlled fermentation process of the yeast Saccharomices cerevisae.

Intestinal Integrity

yeast cell wall animal nutrition aleris yeasts

Natural product composed of yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Maximos was developed to meet quality and guarantee standards MOS and β-glucans. its compounds act effectively in the agglutination of Salmonella sp. and E. coli and stimulate beneficial microbiota (Prebiotic effect). Its components have a positive impact on the animal’s health. 

Maximos is the right choice in pathogen control.
Cultron ruminant Aleris yeast culture

100% Natural Products.
Technology and Sustainability in high quality nutritional solutions with complete safety for ruminants.

Source of Protein

autolyzed yeast ruminants synergis-r aleris natural nutrition

Autolyzed yeast developed for ruminants, which goes through a differentiated fermentative process of increasing the thickness of the cell wall.

Composed of cellular content of yeast and its fragmented cell wall, presenting greater benefit to the ruminal microbiota. The fragmented cell wall acts to improve animal immunity and general health.

Better rumen and intestinal environment, which contributes to greater performance.

High performance

Lysed Yeast.

Available only on the European market.

Cultron-PRO FP contains several metabolites and is used as protein and energy source, acting as a substrate for beneficial bacteria. The mixing ratio of your ingredients facilitates food management on farms.

Available only on the European market. Not sold in other regions.