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Silage and its Fermentation Processes

The Importance of Roughage in Ruminant Nutrition

With Professor Mikael Neumann

Agricultural Engineer

Aleris Consultant

Ruminant Nutrition Specialist

and Plant Production


S1|E1 · How important are roughages?

S1|E2 · What is Silage? Stages and Challenges

S1|E3 · Silage Fermentation Process and its Phases

S1|E4 · Silage, Pre-Drying, Pre-Breaks and Hays

S1|E5 · Crop – Livestock Integration

S1|E6 · Challenges in Preserved Food Production

S1|E7 · Advantages of Using Pre-Dried and Hay

S1|E8 · Care in the Production of Pre-Dried Products