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The impact of yeast culture on the performance of cattle in a confinement system 

Webinar will bring together important experts in the segment who will present technical information on the results and benefits of the Cultron line

Aleris, a company specialized in multispecies animal nutrition, will hold on December 9th at 7:30 pm (Brasília/DF time) the webinar “The Impact of Yeast Culture on the Performance of Cattle in Confinement: results and benefits”, an event that features the support from Gesta'Up, a company specialized in integrated solutions for beef cattle farming.

Giuliano Pavani de Campos, member of the Aleris ruminants team, informs that the webinar will provide technical information for professionals in the field with details on the use of yeast culture from the Cultron line, its method of action and application for cattle in intensive farming systems , in addition to the results obtained during field tests. “The Cultron line consists of high-concentration yeast combinations of different metabolites suitable for ruminants as a substrate for beneficial bacteria to balance rumen fermentation”, he adds.

The event, in addition to the presence of the person responsible for Aleris' Ruminants Business Unit, will also feature the participation of other experts in beef cattle farming, including: the veterinarian, Master in Animal Production and PhD in Science in Pasture and Post- PhD student in Mineral Supplementation for Beef Cattle, Ricardo Manzano; the Prof. Mikael Neumann, PhD in Animal Science in Animal Production subarea Ruminant Nutrition; in addition to the CEO of Aleis, Daniel Nazarian de Morais.

“It will be a space to exchange experiences and high-level technical information around the use of the only yeast culture produced on national soil, the Cultron line. We will present a series of benefits obtained through the use of the line for weight gain, feed conversion, digestibility, quality and carcass finishing. Currently the line is made up of four presentations: Cultron, Cultron X, Cultron Pro and Cultron Pro FP”, highlights Daniel.


Webinar: The Impact of Yeast Culture on the Performance of Cattle in Confinement: results and benefits

Date: 9/12

Time: 7:30 pm (Brasília/DF time) / 6:30 pm (Mato Grosso)

To the registration is free and can be done via the link: Gesta Up ACADEMY | Webinar “The Impact of Yeast Culture on the Performance of Cattle in Confinement”

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and animal health in different species of livestock interest, sports and companionship. Currently, the company operates globally, exporting products to 29 countries, has more than 30 direct employees and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal.


Aleris Nutrition

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