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The influence of maternal microbiota and the environment on the composition of the intestinal microbiota of piglets

The influence of maternal microbiota and the environment on the composition of the intestinal microbiota of piglets

Sabe-se que o microbioma desempenha um papel fundamental no metabolismo e na saúde geral do animal, englobando o fornecimento de energia para o hospedeiro, a produção de metabólitos por meio de processos fermentativos e o auxílio na resistência à colonização por microrganismos patogênicos (YANG et al., 2017). Portanto, o estabelecimento precoce da microbiota intestinal, bem […]

Importance of yeast for dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease

Lilian Stefano Ferreira Blumer¹, Vanessa Olszewski², Mayara Farias Lopes Barbosa³, Ana Beatriz Xavier Cachichi4, Adriana Figueiredo5. ¹ Veterinary doctor and professor at Faculdade Anhaguera.² Veterinary doctor and technical coordinator at Aleris Nutrition.³ Veterinary doctor, postgraduate student in Feline Medicine at Univitória.4 Graduate in veterinary medicine at Universidade Paulista (UNIP) Campinas.5 Zootechnician and technical manager at Aleris […]

Ovosite Article Mariana Nascimento

From precision nutrition to nutrigenomics: new times for formulation require even finer adjustments.

With rising costs and market pressure to use more sustainable ingredients, these become two major points to be observed by the egg production sector, requiring each professional responsible for formulations to make even more precise adjustments in laying hen nutrition to apply the concept of precision nutrition translates […]

Additives in Aquaculture Free nucleotides

Aquaculture: the use of Additives in Production

Authors: Alexandre Carvalho Wakatsuki – Zootechnician – Technical Consultant in Aquaculture – ZooPeixes Consultoria Vanessa Olszewski – Veterinary Doctor – MSc. Monogastric Nutrition UFPR – Technical Coordinator Aleris Nutrition The intensification of fish production in Brazil is an expanding activity and shows the need to seek efficiency in its processes and procedures with regard to […]

yeast Animal Nutrition Aleris Cultron

Special Article: Yeast-Based Products – Characterization and Productive Results for Beef Cattle

By Ricardo Pereira Manzano* and Vanessa Olszewski** Yeasts of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae are unicellular organisms important for the production of food, beverages, fuels and in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent decades, studies have demonstrated the viability of different yeast-based products for the food and animal health industry with positive impacts on the protein production chain […]

Demystifying Yeasts

The concept of using yeast is widespread in animal nutrition, however, some information still needs to be demystified. And, ALERIS, a company still young on the market, has stood out for structuring its principles in transparency and quality standards in the selection and commercialization of dehydrated yeast. The series that makes up three articles […]