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Importance of yeast for dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease

Lilian Stefano Ferreira Blumer¹, Vanessa Olszewski², Mayara Farias Lopes Barbosa³, Ana Beatriz Xavier Cachichi4, Adriana Figueiredo5. ¹ Veterinary doctor and professor at Faculdade Anhaguera.² Veterinary doctor and technical coordinator at Aleris Nutrition.³ Veterinary doctor, postgraduate student in Feline Medicine at Univitória.4 Graduate in veterinary medicine at Universidade Paulista (UNIP) Campinas.5 Zootechnician and technical manager at Aleris […]


Aleris will be at the Fanagra/CBNA 2023 fair

Technical-scientific expertise and its exclusive solutions for the pet food market will be the highlights of Aleris Animal Nutrition at Fenagra CBNA 2023 For the first time, Aleris Animal Nutrition, a company specialized in animal nutrition, will take to the local Expo Dom Pedro Pavilion (Campinas/SP) where the International Agroindustry Fair (Fenagra 2023) will be held, on the 10th […]


Aleris launches its exclusive podcast for the Pet market! Check out interviews with professionals who are references in the industry and sector research.

After the success of the series “Demystifying Yeasts” which brought technical concepts of the use of the ingredient in multispecies nutrition, the company launches the series with four episodes aimed at professionals in the pet industry, PAW'DCAST, the Aleris podcast! Aleris Animal Nutrition brings another source of consultation and technical information to […]