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Webinar Gestup Aleris Cultron

Aleris Webinar addresses cattle performance using yeast culture 

Online event was supported by Gesta'Up, a company specialized in integrated solutions for beef cattle farming

The webinar “The Impact of Yeast Culture on the Performance of Cattle in Confinement: results and benefits”, took place last Thursday (09/12, at 7:30 pm), bringing together reference experts in beef cattle farming. Names of expression in the activity such as Ricardo Manzano, Mikael Neumann, Mariana Nascimento and Giuliano Pavani Campos made up the program.

Daniel Nazarian, CEO of Aleris, started the webinar by introducing the company and the yeast culture, a natural nutritional additive contained in the Cultron line, an exclusive Aleris technology. “In 2016, we began the development of the first yeast culture in Brazil, seeking to offer products consistent with the results for national livestock production, which is when the Cultron line was created”, he extolled the meeting participants.

Next, Ricardo Manzano, veterinarian, Master in Animal Production, PhD in Pasture Science and Post-doctorate in Mineral Supplementation for Beef Cattle brought to light all the expected benefits of yeast culture in livestock farming. “Improved feed efficiency and increased daily weight gain are clear benefits expected when supplying the Cultron line to cattle in confinement”, he highlighted.

The Prof. Mikael Neumann, PhD in Animal Science in Animal Production sub-area Ruminant Nutrition, continued with the presentation supported by data from experiments carried out in the animal nutrition laboratory of the State University of the Central-West of Paraná (Unicentro, Guarapuava/PR). “It was a great pleasure to work in partnership with the company Aleris. In this experiment we compared a control diet versus the Cultron line and observed surprising and positive results”, he recalled.

The experiment took place between April 9th and August 28th, 2020 at the facilities at the Animal Production Center (Nupran) next to the Master's Course in Veterinary Sciences at Unicentro, evaluating the productive performance, digestive behavior, apparent digestibility of the feed and the characteristics of carcasses of beef steers finished in confinement fed with different types of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

“The use of yeast culture showed superior results throughout the confinement period, showing greater gains in average daily weight and better optimization of feed conversion compared to those animals that consumed the control diet”, added Mikael. Effects that, in his opinion, in the ruminal environment become the starting point for a cascade of positive events, which together, become responsible for positive results when working with yeast cultures.

Another person who brought a rich approach was Aleris' Technical Coordinator, Mariana Nascimento, a zootechnician with a Master's degree in Veterinary Sciences and a PhD in Animal Science, presenting the effects of the line on animal immunity. “Data proves and helps to understand that, in general, the effect of Cultron goes beyond rumen stability, it improves the status general health of cattle”, he added.

At the end, participants enjoyed a virtual round table, a time dedicated to answering specific questions about everything that was presented at the meeting. The member of the Aleris ruminants team, Giuliano Pavani Campos, a zootechnician specializing in Ruminant Production, led the work and says he is satisfied with the quality of the questions raised. “The result of the meeting is due to the interest of those present and this was very clear during this dedicated space. Serving and sharing information is one of the main characteristics of our team”, he concluded.

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and animal health in different species of livestock interest, sports and companionship. Currently, the company operates globally, exporting products to 29 countries, has more than 30 direct employees and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal.


Aleris Nutrition

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