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Aleris Nutrition 10 years

Aleris Animal Nutrition: ten years of history

Discover the story of a company built on the dedication of an integrated team and countless research in order to raise the bar in the sector, providing high-value natural solutions, new concepts and technologies for the multispecies animal nutrition market

“The pages turned so far prove that we are on the right path”, begins the CEO of Aleris, Daniel Nazarian de Morais in reference to the ten years of Aleris Animal Nutrition. Words that recreate a film in the executive's head about this company, of national origin, which, year after year, expands its operations and notoriety in the market due to the attitude and dedication it has achieved so far.

The executive highlights that, from idea to conception, Aleris arose from the entrepreneurship of professionals with extensive experience in the yeast market and aware that they could contribute to the sector by offering structured solutions under different technological concepts. “We elevate the significance and properties of yeast in a transparent and effective way. In other words, Aleris was born with the purpose of demystifying the properties and importance of this rich raw material that for almost three decades was used as a 'silver bullet' for different challenges”, recalls Daniel.

Based on this bias, Aleris set out to develop innovative, technological products and special formulas. Product lines compared to the youthfulness structured by the company. “All this commitment achieved so far is due, firstly, to our team. Motivated and committed professionals to make a difference in our market”, exalts the executive.

The commitment to research provided Aleris with market attractiveness due to the recognition of the sector in which it operates regarding the quality and efficiency of the solutions contained in the portfolio, predicates that govern operations to this day. “I believe this whole atmosphere contributed to our operations. Aleris's trajectory is one of serious and transparent work. We walk difficult paths, but not impossible. Every day we work to exceed expectations, gain our space and market recognition through our exclusive solutions. In these ten years, all the fruits harvested so far reflect our transparency and trust gained, a sign that we are on the right path, contributing to our growth and that of our customers”, highlights Daniel.

When reflecting on the next ten years, the CEO projects more investments in precision nutrition. “We are prepared and will seek increasingly assertiveness in our formulations”, and ends with a thank you: “I dedicate all of this firstly to the Aleris team, we only exist because of each employee, customers and my family, for their constant support in making this dream come true collective”, he concludes. 

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and animal health in different species of livestock interest, sports and companionship. Currently, the company operates globally, exporting products to 29 countries, has more than 30 direct employees and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal.


Aleris Nutrition

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