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Functional solutions for performance and animal welfare will be presented at the pre-event organized by Aleris and partner in the USA

Aleris and its distribution partner in the United States, Natural Biologics, will hold an exclusive event for customers and researchers that will precede the International Production & Processing Expo, IPPE 2023 (IPPE 2023), in Atlanta, one of the largest gatherings of professionals in the chain of animal protein production in the world. “After a two-year hiatus, we return to this event considered a showcase of technologies, trends, new products, networking and a high-level audience. Therefore, alongside our local partner, Natural Biologics, we will hold our pre-event presenting the technologies from our portfolio, such as the Provillus line”, highlights the CEO of Aleris Animal Nutrition, Daniel Nazarian de Morais.


According to the executive, the line's products represent Aleris' commitment to providing efficient and superior products to maximize the genetic expression of poultry and pigs. “Aleris is a company focused on research and development that throughout its history has given new meaning to the value and applicability of using yeast, the raw materials that are the basis of our solutions”, adds the CEO.

Daniel Morais CEO Aleris

Daniel Morais – CEO Aleris

The first technology behind the Provillus line was named MAC (Microbiota Activating Compounds). Tool that integrates the company's vast technical-scientific knowledge acquired through its 10 years of experience in the market and partnerships with research centers and universities. “We have brought together at MAC compounds extracted from multiple fermentations and new bioactive compounds with a direct relationship in the modulation of the microbiota, capable of directly interacting with the performance and well-being of birds and pigs and which are validated in our Big Data”, explains Daniel Nazarian de Morais.

With the MAC information, follows the CEO, integrated with Artificial Intelligence, a tool called MAP (Modulation Advanced Program), the company began directing its customers to make even more assertive decisions guided by species-specific microbiota data.

 With this information in hand, using algorithms and bioinformatics aimed at animal performance and well-being, Aleris launched an exclusive class of microbiome modulating additives already available on the market and which will be the company's theme in its pre-event. “Together with partners, our objective will be to further disseminate our solution, which has been changing the concept of microbiota modulation for animal performance and well-being”, adds Daniel.

Charlie Elrod, Ph.D. – Natural Biologics

Natural Biologics is one of Aleris' major partners. Founded in 2015, advocating working with products with a sustainable and high-tech footprint, the company's CEO, Charlie Elrod, highlights his expectations and enthusiasm for the pre-event and the 2023 edition of IPPE. “As an Aleris distributor in the United States, we are eager to promote the Provillus line, in addition to presenting new data from studies carried out with chicken to the professionals present”, says Charlie, Doctor of Animal Science, and reinforces that the line is an advance in terms of health and productivity.

During the fair, visitors will be able to contact Aleris at the Devenish stand, another major partner on North American soil.

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and health for production animals and pets. Currently, through its global operation and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal, the company exports its solutions in natural yeast-based additives to more than 32 countries.


Aleris Nutrition

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