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Factory Aleris Capacity expansion

Aleris announces investment and expansion of manufacturing capacity

An investment aimed at modernizing and increasing the production capacity of its product lines

Aleris, a company specialized in the production of natural additives for multispecies animal nutrition present in more than 30 countries, in just over a year announces another investment in line with its market growth strategy. The factory opened in November 2020, and which enabled the creation of a new class of exclusive Aleris products, has just received a new investment.

Aleris CEO, Daniel Nazarian de Moraes, reveals that this is another step for the company that wants to become a reference in the global market by providing natural nutritional additives that can contribute to the animal protein production chain and petfood industry. “Resilience defines us. The Provillus line embodies this commitment of ours, as well as the other solutions contained in our portfolio. Products with embedded technology that every day gain even more prominence in the animal nutrition market in all the countries in which we operate”, he highlights.

According to Aleris Production Coordinator, Alessandro Ferla Silva, the investment will increase production by 25%. “With this, we will gradually serve more customers who are looking for our solutions, especially products that rely on MAC technology, such as the Provillus line”, he adds.

Daniel remembers that this new investment arrives practically a year after the factory opened. “Initially investments R$ 2 million in the construction of our specialty manufacturing park opened in November 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and these are the results, sustainable growth. This is because, at that time, we needed to introduce the Provillus line, a specific technology exclusive to Aleris. Since then, I have observed market recognition and growing demand for our technologies. A decisive step for our business”, adds Daniel.

The Provillus line is a new class of natural additives for animal nutrition originated by two exclusive Aleris technologies. The first, MAC (Microbiota Activating Compounds), enables the ideal combination of different yeast fermentation extracts for the delivery of postbiotic compounds targeted to specific biomarkers aimed at animal performance and well-being. The second, MAP (Modulation Advanced Program), is a system behind MAC, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that identifies and correlates in an integrated way the paths to the effectiveness of microbiota modulation by species, also called “specific species”.

In addition to the Provillus line, the factory is responsible for the production of other brands such as the Cultron, Verde and Regenera lines.

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and animal health in different species of livestock interest, sports and companionship. Currently, the company operates globally, exporting products to 29 countries, has more than 30 direct employees and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal.


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