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Aleris Poultry and Swine Division receives prominent reinforcement

Marcos Nascimento is appointed Global Technical Coordinator of Poultry and Pig Farming to drive the company's sustainable growth

Aleris Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce the hiring of Marcos Nascimento like the new Global Poultry and Swine Technical Coordinator. With extensive academic and professional experience, Marcos joins the Aleris team with the mission of boosting the development of natural and sustainable products for animal nutrition, consolidating the company as a reference in the market.

Marcos Nascimento graduated in Animal Husbandry from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) and has a solid academic background, with a master's degree from the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, where he stood out for his work with broiler chicken and alternative ingredients in animal feed. In addition, he has a doctorate from the State University of São Paulo (Unesp) in the area of animal nutrition, well-being and intestinal health.

His trajectory also includes an exchange in Canada, where he improved his academic practices and deepened his knowledge, in addition to a MBA in Marketing, enriching its market-oriented approach and customer needs.

“I am excited to be part of the Aleris team, a company whose proposal focuses on alternatives to animal feed, with a focus on the use of yeast-based products. The challenges of animal production can be mitigated by implementing easily accessible and sometimes poorly conceptualized nutritional tools to maximize their potential. In line with this context, natural and sustainable approaches – such as the use of yeast-based products – are increasingly prominent in the animal nutrition market, driven by global demand for the reduction of antibiotics as performance improvers in animal protein production. I aim to share all the experience acquired in practice to contribute to the growth of Aleris Animal Nutrition”, emphasizes Marcos.

The new Global Technical Coordinator Poultry and Swine highlights that the Aleris Animal Nutrition It's a young company recognized throughout the market and academia – universities and research centers – for its line of innovative and sustainable products, which have gained space in the market.

“Aleris’ main focus is to maximize the use of nutrients through greater absorption and digestibility of food and its direct relationship with the promotion of animal performance, health and well-being. Commitments that place it at the forefront of the market, with vast technical-scientific knowledge focused on precision nutrition, offering modern and innovative tools to the poultry and swine market, such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which, when combined, generate more assertiveness in the formulation and, consequently, adding value for customers who already make use of this exclusive Aleris technology”, considers Marcos Nascimento.

The Technical Manager of Aleris Animal Nutrition, Adriana Figueiredo, considers hiring the professional as a great reinforcement for the company and customers. “I have been following your trajectory for a long time. I see this signing as a great reinforcement. A professional with a technical profile, always looking to learn. Since graduating, he has demonstrated proactivity, deepening his studies and participating in international programs, including contributing to innovative research at the time, related to the use of insect meal as a source in animal feed, which earned him an award”, informs. For Adriana, the Global Poultry and Swine Technical Coordinator now joins a young and motivated team, committed to delivering differentiated services and solutions. She highlights that Aleris is focused on the future and has already made the concept of innovation in animal nutrition products, offering advanced solutions for industry poultry farming energetic pig farm through the line Provillus.


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