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Aleris will be at the XXI APA Egg Congress 2024

Aleris Animal Nutrition confirms support for the XXI APA Egg Congress 2024

The company will highlight its commitment to the sustainable development of the egg production chain, promoting natural yeast-based technologies within the main sectoral meeting in South America

Aleris Animal Nutrition, a global reference in yeast-based animal nutrition solutions, is pleased to announce its participation as a sponsor in the XXI APA Congress on Egg Production and Marketing 2024. The event, which will take place at the Ribeirão Preto Convention Center (SP) from March 11 to 14, 2024, is organized by Paulista Poultry Association (APA), with the support of Agricultural Defense Coordination of the State of São Paulo (CDA).

With the aim of promoting more sustainable, aligned with global trends in reducing antibiotic use as performance improvers, Aleris' presence as a supporter reinforces its mission of being a company recognized by the investment in scientific research and for their exclusive processes which resulted in a portfolio connected to the challenges of modern poultry farming.

With proven statistical data in the field, the various benefits generated by Aleris solutions are very relevant, both for increase the number of eggs as to guarantee a better quality of product. This results in direct savings in production by reducing processes and losses during the process.

The company will also present news about its exclusive services that use IArtificial intelligence energetic big data – tools capable of indicating the ideal formulation of additives for specific productions.

Marcos Nascimento, Global Technical Coordinator of Poultry and Swine at Aleris Animal Nutrition, shares his vision on the importance of the company's participation in the event: “Being at the APA Congress on Egg Production and Marketing 2024 is essential for us. This event is part of the poultry farming calendar in Brazil, offering a unique platform to discuss market trends and establish strategic connections. It is also an opportunity for us to boost innovation and promote natural alternatives in animal nutrition, essential for the advancement of the sector.”

Marcos Nascimento

Market presence

About Aleris’ presence in posture market in Brazil, Nascimento adds: “We are the only company on the market that offers a complete portfolio of yeast-based products, ranging from inactive yeast, autolysates and yeast cultures, to technological products, such as sources of free nucleotides. Our commitment is to promoting the health and productive efficiency of laying birds, through natural solutions.”

Regarding Aleris' nutritional solutions for egg production, the expert highlights that, within the portfolio of yeast-based solutions, “Aleris has yeast products in various presentations with prebiotic and postbiotic effects, which benefit from improving intestinal health, stimulating the immune system and reducing pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract.”

With a diverse and innovative portfolio, Aleris stands out for the nutritional quality of its yeast-based products, contributing significantly to improving production rates on farms. “We are looking forward to this year’s edition, which will be an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and network. We are committed to presenting our innovations and solutions, reinforcing our role at the forefront of animal nutrition.”


Aleris Nutrition

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