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Roberto Betancourt, managing partner of Aleris, will address Brazil's challenges in the global competition for more sustainable animal production at SBSA 2024

This will be the theme of the opening lecture of the official program of the 24th Brasil Sul Poultry Symposium, which will take place next week in Chapecó (SC)

The entrepreneur Roberto Ignacio Betancourt will be a speaker at the 2024 edition of the event that has become a technical, commercial and networking among professionals linked to the productive industry of chicken meat of the country, the 24th South Brazil Poultry Symposium (SBSA), which will happen April 9th to 11th at the Chapecó Exhibition Center, a municipality in the west of Santa Catarina, a reference in agro-industrial poultry production.

Image: SBSA Disclosure via Facebook

The presentation will take place after the official opening of the symposium, where the executive will share his visions based on his experience as a businessman and in his associative life, currently occupying the position of Director of Deagro (FIESP Agribusiness Department) and president of FeedLatina (Association of Animal Food Industries of Latin America and the Caribbean), on the differences and challenges in Brazil, a global breadbasket country for the production of safe and healthy food.

According to Roberto, more than the natural vocation that favors agro-industrial hegemony, his presentation will bring a series of technical data that prove the capacity of the agro-industrial sector to produce and preserve.

However, according to the managing partner of Aleris Animal Nutrition, even with all the apparatus originating from research and new technological tools that emerge daily and address issues related to sustainability, such as solutions in natural yeast-based nutritional additives from Aleris, in the case of the national poultry industry, he leaves a warning: “Internally, we reached a high level of per capita consumption of chicken meat per year.”

In this sense, in his opinion, international trade will become a necessary route for the advancement of the sector. “We will become increasingly dependent on the international market, and today just cost, quality and sanitary status in perfect conditions are not enough”, emphasizes the businessman, in line with what will be shared in his talk at the SBSA 2024.

Faced with this increasingly adjusted future, Roberto is emphatic: “We must improve the discourse supported by data that demonstrates our efficiency, production and preservation capacity. This will be the objective of this presentation, but this requires an increasingly coordinated sector”, adds the managing partner of Aleris Animal Nutrition.

In his presentation, he will highlight the importance of accurate data on animal production to the Brazil's image in the international market. “With the drop in deforestation in the Amazon, a result of the commitment to combat illegal practices, we see an improvement in indicators of change in land use, fundamental for poultry farming, which depends on agriculture. This data, including on CO² emissions in the production of animal feed, is crucial to highlight the sector’s commitment to sustainability”, complete.

All global metrics to present positive numbers aimed at competitiveness and position of the Brazilian poultry industry in the international market to maintain its acceptance and sustainable growth against global competitors will be presented by the Aleris Animal Nutrition executive to participants of the 24th South Brazil Poultry Symposium 2024.


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