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Aleris will be at the Fanagra/CBNA 2023 fair

Technical-scientific expertise and its exclusive solutions for the pet food market will be the highlights of Aleris Animal Nutrition at Fenagra CBNA 2023

For the first time, Aleris Animal Nutrition, a company specialized in animal nutrition, will take to the Expo Dom Pedro Pavilion (Campinas/SP), where the International Agroindustry Fair (Fenagra 2023) will be held, on the 10th and 11th of May, a lot of technical information , especially in the field of research focused on precision nutrition through nutrigenomics, an area that combines technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that correlate predilections of the microbiota of dogs and cats aiming to formulate foods (pet food) aimed at longevity and well-being -being of pets.

Daniel Morais CEO Aleris

“For the first time we will be exhibiting at Fenagra, which is one of the most important meeting points for professionals in the pet food industry. A specialized event that brings together congress and business fair in a single environment, enabling the search for knowledge, updates and news in this industry. For these reasons, we have prepared a series of actions to welcome congressmen and visitors who will stop by our stand”, highlights the CEO of Aleris Animal Nutrition, Daniel Nazarian de Morais.

Among the highlights of the actions that those present will be able to follow at the company's stand is Provillus4Pet. A product that embodies Aleris Animal Nutrition's commitment and advances in the area of nutrigenomics. “Provillu4Pet emerged from two exclusive technologies from Aleris Animal Nutrition. The first, called MAC (Microbiota Activating Compounds), is already a reality in the pet food market with the mission to select natural compounds extracted from different fermentation extracts that will be directed to pet nutrition with a specific action in modulating the microbiota for well-being. of dogs and cats. Once the correlations are identified by Big Data, another exclusive Aleris tool comes into play, the MAP (Modulation Advanced Program), which, through Artificial Intelligence, formulates foods on demand and exclusively attentive to the nutritional needs of each of our customers”, highlights the veterinarian Vanessa Olszewski, Aleris Technical Coordinator.

In addition to the technology that combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, professionals in the pet food industry will have access to episodes of the recently launched PAW'DCAST. Aleris podcast available on the company's digital platforms with tailored interviews for the pet food sector covering topics related to research, development, trends and new technologies focused on pet nutrition.

Access: https://alerisnutrition.com/2023/04/17/lancamento_podcast/


Access the first episode of PAW'DCAST at this link: https://alerisnutrition.com/2023/04/17/lancamento_podcast/

 Also access the content of the series “Demystifying Yeasts” at this link: https://alerisnutrition.com/2021/11/29/demystifying them-yeast/

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and health for production animals and pets. Currently, through its global operation and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal, the company exports its solutions in natural yeast-based additives to more than 32 countries.


Aleris Nutrition

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