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Goldsac – Aleris exclusive


Yeasts and fermented cereal fractions (GOLDSAC – Aleris commercial brand), unlike DDGS, go through a process of standardization and uniformity of the production stages, where the final objective is to obtain a product rich in yeast together with nutrients from different fractions fermented cereals used as substrates in the fermentation process.

During the controlled GOLDSAC production process, there is a pre-extraction of corn fiber (removed from the pericarp in the corn kernel) and part of the oil, producing a substrate rich in starch, proteins, minerals and sugars, which will be more easily consumed by yeast during the fermentation process. Another difference of this product is that, at the end of the fermentation process, after separating the ethanol produced, yeast is added, resulting in a product with good homogeneity, high cell count and high nutritional value. Only one plant in Brazil produces GOLDSAC, precisely to follow the critical monitoring points defined by Aleris.

The table below presents the main nutritional characteristics of GOLDSAC and its advantages of use.

Nutrient Amount Strengths
Crude Protein ~46% The average PB in DDGS is 30%, varying between 26% and 32% (CORASSA et al., 2018). GOLDSAC presents an average of 46±2%
Glutamic acid ~7% Glutamic acid enhances palatability and is a precursor of glutamine that assists in the metabolic activities of the immune system and intestine (NEWSHOLME, 2003a; 2003b), resulting in greater villi height and the repair of injuries to the intestinal epithelium (PIVA et al., 2001)
Lipid content ~7% Interesting energy contribution to be valued in the nutritional matrix
Yeast cell count ~1×1010 per gram of product Composed of primary yeasts (from corn fermentation) and additional yeasts originating from the production of ethanol from sugar cane.

One of the advantages of the presence of primary yeasts is that they have a thinner cell wall compared to the complete inactive yeast from sugar cane, resulting in greater digestibility of the final product. Also, the high concentration of yeast gives GOLDSAC prebiotic characteristics.

In addition to the nutritional composition, the sampling and quality control plan applied by Aleris makes GOLDSAC an excellent option for a protein and energy ingredient with high biological value and bioavailability to be used in the nutrition of non-ruminant animals.


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