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Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas

Aleris's participation in the Fanagra/CBNA 2023 fair was a success!

Success translated by the high demand for the exclusive Provillus line, a nutritional additive from the correlation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that predetermines greater accuracy in modulating the microbiome aiming at the longevity and well-being of pets.
Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas
Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas

In its first participation in the International Agroindustry Fair, Fenagra 2023, the Aleris Animal Nutrition team had a lot to celebrate. This is because, in addition to further strengthening its relationship with the sector, the stand was highly sought after by interested pet food industry professionals.
by products from the exclusive Provillus line.
“This is a line of nutritional additives that represents an advance in the field of research and studies related to nutrigenomics. Tool that supports our value proposition and commitment to the pet food market by providing solutions that add value to customers”, says Aleris CEO, Daniel Nazarian de Morais.

Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas

“In addition, the event served for positive interactions with customers, prospects, researchers and professionals in the pet food industry, who were enthusiastic about the level of innovation and quality of our portfolio”, highlights Aleris Commercial Manager, Nicole Polisel. Another great impact of Aleris' participation was the presentation to the market of Paw'Dcast, which featured in the first two episodes the participation of professor Dr. Ananda Portella Félix, associated with the Federal University of Paraná (UFRP) and professor Dr. Ricardo Souza Vasconcelos, from the State University of Maringá (UEM), as well as technicians and executives from the team, with topics relevant to the pet market. “There was a lot of interest and requests for new episodes”, says the manager.

Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas
Aleris fair Fenagra Campinas

Nicole Polisel, assessed the company's participation in Fenagra 2023 as very positive and surprising due to the quality of the event. “It was an excellent opportunity to focus the entire Aleris team on an event that brings together large companies in the market. This fact allowed us to end participation with scheduling for future business, but, above all, demystify the world of yeast, bringing greater clarity to the applicability of our products”, he points out. Given the result, concludes Nicole, Aleris confirms its presence in the next edition of Fenagra.

About Aleris – Founded in 2012, Aleris is a national company specializing in animal nutrition, committed to offering natural solutions for maximum performance and health for production animals and pets. Currently, through its global operation and subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico and Portugal, the company exports its solutions in natural yeast-based additives to more than 32 countries.


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